By Paula D.

Last Thursday was October 31st, Halloween Day. My classmates and I hadn't celebrated it at school since primary school, so we were pretty excited about it.

When we arrived at school we had three hours of regular class. After the third class period we were told to go and change our clothes and put on our disguises and makeup. Then, when we were all ready, we were given the candies and we started the tour around the classes. It was the moment to show our costumes to the other students and teachers, as we gave them sweets and tried to scare them.

We had so much fun going through the different classrooms, but, for me, the best part of the day was the celebration we had just for us, the 1st Bach students, in the gym, which we had previously decorated with spiders, pumpkins and little ghosts. First, we had a parade so our costumes could be voted by the teachers. The prizes were given to the ones with the best costumes, some of them were really original! Then we started our party. There was food, drinks and music. We had so much fun dancing and singing along with our friends, we took very cool photos.

By the end of the day we were so thankful to our teachers for making this day so unforgettable and different, and for letting us enjoy Halloween with our friends and also with them. It was such a great day and a special memory to have.

by Adrian G.
Last week, my classmates and friends from school celebrated the traditional Halloween party at the school.
It was a very exciting day, because when you are child, you are looking forward to being one of the oldest students to be able to scare the younger children. When everyone went to play outside, we hid and started to put on our makeup. Later, when everyone returned to class, our moment began. We were frightening the classes and giving candies to the students and it was a fun time.
After this, the English Department organized a super party with music, food and good vibes. The party also consisted on the fact that we had to parade one by one or in small groups and then there was a vote with all the participants for the best girl costume and the best boy costume, and finally there was a third prize for which the teachers voted.
By the end of the party, we had enjoyed some food and music, we danced a lot and we all enjoyed an entertaining and fun day.
Finally, I wanted to tell all the students of the school that if they have the possibility to enjoy the party, they will have a fun time.

by Natalia S.
Last week, the 31st of October, as an every-year tradition, my school
threw a Halloween party for 1st Bach students.
This consisted on us dressing up as something kind of scary to then go
around the classes scaring the students between the ages of 13 to 17,
and later, giving them sweets away. Having done that, we went to the
gymnasium where the three prizes were given; two of them were
chosen by us -the people who participated in it-, one for the girl who
had more votes and the other, for the boy who had more votes,
besides, there was another prize given by the teachers after evaluating
not just the costume, but also the performance.
Personally, I had a great time and had fun also because before the
prizes were given, we did a catwalk showing our costumes, and after,
we ate some food and listened to music. It also was a bit nostalgic due
to the fact that when I was little, I used to enjoy having students come
to my class and give candy away to us.
In the end, it was a funny experience that I would surely repeat
without any doubt.
I do really recommend the following students that have this
opportunity to take it because there is nothing better than having fun
with your friends.